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Opanka Construction - The Opanka construction is our unique construction that hand sews the upper, the sock lining, and outsole together in a single process. Not only does this make our shoes extremely flexible and comfortable, but it also creates a cushioning effect. As a result, the under foot will then conform and rebound with foot movement; constantly surrounding the foot with comfort.  The Opanka construction combined with our superior craftsmanship, quality and style makes a perfect combination.

Strobel Construction - The upper is stitched at the border to a flexible woven material, rather than glued to fiberboard. Used in several hiking and  athletic shoes.

Direct Attach Construction - The newer direct-attach method fuses the sole to the fibers of the upper to produce a tough, watertight bond. Direct attachment is supposed to subtract weight and add flexibility without compromising durability, but the boots generally can't be resoled.

Goodyear Welt Construction - long wear and durability is foremost when using Goodyear Welt construction. The upper is drawn over the last and held temporarily while a strip of leather (the Welt) is stitched to the upper and inner sole. Then the sole is hind-stitched through the Welt to complete the process. This construction allows multiple sole replacements, extending the life of the footwear.

Cement Construction - Glue on construction for light weight and flexibility but soles cannot be replaced.

Comfort Stitch Construction - Stitch down construction that enables the outsole to flex better.

ContourWelt Construction - Designed to move with you in your environment.  It provides the flexibility and comfort of an athletic shoe with the support and durability of a work boot.  Revolutionary welt design allows the boot to bend and flex at essential points for maximum performance.

Durashock Construction - Compression pads in the heel and forefoot of the outsole compress into the outsole to dissipate forces before they reach the feet and legs.

MultiShox - Multiple compression pads in the heel and foot are engineered to absorb shock individually, where you need it most, and return energy in each step, providing individual comfort all day long.

Compressor - Patented 3-zone Aero-Spacer® lining lifts moisture away to keep you cool and dry.

Wolverine Fusion™  fights fatigue - 360 degree side stitch fuses the strength of a welted upper to the patented direct-attach Wolverine DuraShocks® Comfort System.

Wolverine Gore-Tex - Waterproof, breathable, GORE-TEX® membrane lets moisture vapor out – but no water in.

Joule [J] -
The joule is the SI unit of work or energy. One joule is the amount of work done when an applied force of 1 Newton moves through a distance of 1 meter in the direction of the force. It is named after the English physicist James Prescott Joule (1818-89).
Newton [N] -
The Newton is the SI unit of force. One Newton is the force required to give a mass of 1 kilogram an acceleration of 1 meter per second per second. It is named after the English mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727). About .224 pounds therefore 120 Newtons equals 26.88 lbs.

Molded EVA - Light weight mid sole compound used in footwear

Electrical Hazard - Reduces electrical hazards resulting from contact between the sole and electrically-energized parts or surfaces. All John Deere Boots & Shoes with safety features are laboratory  tested to meet the high safety standards set by OSHA.

Gore-Tex - The breathable Gore-Tex(R) consists of a patented membrane with tiny pores that keep water molecules out while letting air vapor escape from around the foot, making them waterproof.

Outsoles - Wolverine footwear has oil, acid and slip resistant outsoles.

PU Puncture Resistant - Wolverine Puncture Resistant footwear meets ASTM F2413-05 PR standards with a steel mid-plate designed to prevent objects from puncturing the sole.

Static Dissipative (SD) - Static Dissipative footwear is constructed of materials that when in contact with properly grounded floor surfaces, will safely discharge any static build up through the shoe to the floor. Our SD Type One footwear meets or exceeds ANSI standards.

Steel Toe - Protects the toe area against falling objects or heavy rolling objects with steel protective cap.

Composite Toe - Wolverine¨ Composite Toe Boots and Shoes are rated ASTM F2413-05 M I/75 C/75. Composite toe boots protect feet where non-metallic footwear is required. Composite toe footwear must be replaced after being involved in a footwear related accident.

CarbonMAX Toe - Wolverine CarbonMAX safety-toe uses nanotechnology to produce a strong, lightweight and more comfortable boot.  It's the safety toe reimagined.  Lighter load reduces strain on you legs and feet. A thinner toe cap wall provides a better fit with more toe room and added comfort. Strong structure is designed to ASTM standards F2413-11 M I/75 C75 EH and gives protection against dangerous falling objects.

Performance Leather - The best uppers normally are made of full-grain (or top-grain) leather, which can be more durable, waterproof, breathable, and scuff resistant than other types of cowhide. In fact, I can rub out most scuffs on my Wolverine oil-tanned, full-grain leather boots with a finger. On the other hand, Wolverine claims that its comparably priced pigskin "Performance Leather" (optional in some styles) weighs less, is more flexible, breathes better, and repels water better than full-grain cowhide.    


All Wolverine Boots & Shoes are laboratory tested to meet the high safety standards set by OSHA and meet all ANSI standards set by OSHA.

ANSI (American National Standards Institute) now  ASTM  sets the standards for protective footwear. There are two basic requirements all safety footwear must meet: Impact and compression. There are three classification of each according to test results. 1/75, 1/50 and 1/30 are designations for test results done with a 50 pound weight dropped from a set height. C/75, C/50 and C/30 are designations of tests done compressing the safety toes at 2,500 pounds (C/75), 1,750 pounds (C/50) and 1,000 pounds (C/30). The toe must have a minimum clearance inside the toe area of the shoe of 16/32" for men's footwear and 15/32" for women's footwear after the tests are completed.

Thinsulate(R) - Select Boots & Shoes come equipped with Thinsulate(R) Insulation to keep out the cold. To acquire this certification, Thinsulate(R) Insulation must be used throughout the boot - including the toe, vamp, heel and all the way over the ankle.  Thinsulate Ultra Insulation provides warmth without bulk, and will not compress, lose efficiency or trap perspiration.

Vibram(R) - The name Vibram is a Registered Trademark. The Vibram(R) outsole is a deep, aggressive lug outsole with a proven record of dependability in rugged terrain. Lug soles have hard rubber cleats with sharp outside edges for digging in or wedging into hard surfaces such as rocks, dry dirt, or clay.

Waterproof - Wolverine Boots & Shoes have more than one way to defend feet against water. These styles are made waterproof using specially-sealed seams and waterproof leather. No need to worry about walking on wet terrain in these boots. And they have moisture absorbent linings.

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